The Millennium bcp Gallery is once again opening its doors to art, artists and the public, in a new space, located in Lisbon, in Chiado, at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC). The public and private sectors joined for the benefit of Culture to make this original project possible, in which a National Museum welcomes a private Gallery within its premises. This will allow an exhibition complementarity between the Millennium bcp painting collection and the Museum’s collection, which thus embark on a common path, allowing the public to be able to enjoy, in a single space, a wider program of exhibitions.

The project materialized through the signing of a protocol between Millennium bcp, the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Culture and the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, for the allocation of a wing of the MNAC building. This wing was closed and was fully restored by Millennium bcp, thus creating yet another art space to visit, where the Millennium bcp Foundation returns to the Shared Art program, with the holding of exhibitions with various themes and also sharing of works from the Millennium bcp collection.

See, on this page, all the exhibitions that took place at the Millennium bcp Gallery.

O caminho para a luz

No sonho do homem que sonhava

A outra vida dos animais


Jorge Barradas



Jorge Barradas | In the garden of Europe



Exhibition "Multiplicity" (within the scope of the Lisbon Architecture Triennial)


The other life of animals


In the dream of the man who dreamed, the dreamed woke up



The way to the light because it goes through the light