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Near by Rua Augusta triumphal arch the Lisbon headquarters of Millennium bcp Bank is composed of a group of buildings that occupy almost a whole block. On the basement level of these buildings lies Rua dos Correeiros Archeological Site, also known by the acronym NARC, an archeological site of great significance to understand the past of Lisbon and its occupation trough the ages. NARC was classified as a National Monument in 2015 (Decree-law nº. 7/2015 by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers published in Diário da República 1st Series – Nº. 75 – April 17, 2015).

About us and our mission

In the course of some renovation Works, structures of ancient civilizations were uncovered. The archaeological excavation took place between 1991 and 1995.

Due to its unique characteristics – 2,500 years of Lisbon’s history are visible in this place – Millennium bcp understands that, being NARC a monument of local and national relevance it should be accessible to the general public.

Millennium bcp Foundation is the entity responsible for NARC’s management, for the organization of guided tours, having had several initiatives to promote the site.

  • Publication of a catalog, in both Portuguese and English;
  • Publication of a brochure;
  • Support for the publishing of PhD thesis regarding NARC and its archeological remains.

The free guided tours – that have been so far enjoyed by more than 110.000 visitors from all over the world – take place every day except on Sundays and National holidays.

Millennium bcp Foundation’s mission is therefore to protect, to manage and to promote what has become an important part of the Portuguese cultural heritage.


Núcleo Arqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros (NARC)
Rua dos Correeiros, nº 9
1100-161 Lisboa

Free Admission

Guided tours only (Portuguese or English)

Groups must book their visit in advance (maximum of 12 people).  Groups of more than 12 must be divided into separate groups with individual group leaders.

For individual visits it is advisable to book in advance


10:00 h11:00 h12:00 h14:00 h15:00 h16:00 h17:00 h

(Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)

Duration of each tour: 50 minutes (approximately)


On the website:


Through telephone:

351 211 131 070

Travel through history

On April the 17th 2015, the Archaeological Site was classified as a National Monument by the Portuguese Government. This distinction confirmed the exceptional importance, the patrimonial value and national interest of the archaeological urban remains found, preserved and musealized in NARC. It is a major site, showing the urban overlap of the last twenty-five centuries and all its historical value since it displays the city’s history and identity related to the permanent civilizational contacts by sea, which still remain today.

NARC is a fragment of a larger urban reality, but it is also a distinct fragment once it is visible and available for public enjoyment. Being an archaeological complex fully integrated into the urban network, in a patrimonial and historically area of Lisbon, it plays an important role in the construction of a collective memory.