The activity of Millennium bcp Foundation is part of Millennium bcp social responsibility strategy, embodied since its constitution. According with its articles of incorporation, Millennium bcp Foundation’s activity focuses mainly on Culture, Science & Knowledge and Social Solidarity areas. In this context, Millennium bcp Foundation has been developing a strategy of promotion of the Portuguese Culture, supporting heritage conservation and divulgation initiatives, as well as manifold cultural projects from organizations that are a reference in the National cultural panorama.



Culture is assumed by the Foundation as its main area of activity, in which it has positioned itself as patron of several projects in the field of arts and in the preservation of the historical and architectural heritage, namely, the museological heritage, an essential component of the national identity. It has also supported initiatives related to modern and contemporary art and events that emphasize artistic interdisciplinarity and the sharing of culture with diverse audiences.

Science and

Science and education are fundamental for the construction of a developed society and for the exercise of a responsible and informed citizenship, reason why the Foundation has been reinforcing its collaboration with diverse educative projects, of scientific investigation and of diffusion of the knowledge, through support for post-graduate programs at Portuguese universities of reference, research projects in the field of child health and award of scholarships.

Social Solidarity

With the purpose of promoting initiatives that stimulate the development of a favorable social context, the Foundation supports actions of different entities covering several areas of intervention, such as childhood, adolescence, poverty, disability, among others. The idea of supporting the weakest sections of the population and promoting the efficient management of available resources and their sustainability to third sector entities is transversal.

Projects should be sent to, accompanied by the Application Form , duly completed.

The Application Form is a way of standardizing requests for a more accessible analysis of the projects. Therefore, its configuration should not be changed.

Relevant documents may be attached to the application. However, its dimensions should facilitate computer processing and allow a quick reading.

There are no deadlines for applications, which are accepted every working day throughout the year. However, applications for ongoing or completed projects are not accepted.

Projects must fit into at least one of the three Action Areas – Culture, Science and Knowledge or Social Solidarity – but may belong to more than one simultaneously. There are no time limits or maximum number of events related to projects, but acceptance depends on further analysis.