Mimo 2022 Festival – Millennium bcp Foundation is the Exclusive Patron of the Educational Program as well as the concerts in the Churches

September 23 to 25, 2022

Mimo Festival which had is first edition 18 years ago in Brazil, and is also held in Portugal since 2016, will happen this year in the city of Porto, from September 23rd to 25th. The festival (totally free) program includes more than 50 activities, 11 stages, 20 concerts with artists from different nationalities, DJ sets, workshops, and residencies in the educational program. It will also have the already usual and well-known “Rain of Poetry”, which will take place at the Lello bookstore. Renowned artists and new talents will come together to cheer culture and artistic diversity.

The festival will be held at the historic center of Porto and will have several concerts in some of its most emblematic churches, such as the church of Carmo, the church of São João das Taipas, the church of Nossa Senhora da Vitória and the church of Carmelitas Descalços.

MIMO is an inclusive festival that values accessibility and works to make it a reality the most comprehensive as possible.

Although its being held in a new place we can assure that the excitement, the dedication, and the joy will be the same as ever, with the support of the Millennium bcp Foundation exclusive sponsor of the Educational Program, and the Churches concerts.

Some facts about the festival over the years:

• Started in 2004, the MIMO Festival had a total of 1.85 million spectators in 54 editions, 543 concerts, 400 parallel events and 377 films shown, always sharing access to heritage, culture and education in cities like Amarante , Glasgow, Olinda, Ouro Preto, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Tiradentes, Recife, João Pessoa and São Paulo (the last eight of this list are Brazilian cities that preserve Portuguese colonial architecture).

• The Portuguese edition won the Iberian Festival Award (which rewards the best festivals in the Iberian Peninsula) in the category “Best Festival in Infrastructure” for the 2018 and 2019 editions. The festival was also awarded the Brasil Design Award, when distinguished with the medal silver in 2019 in the category “Scenography/Ambience Design” and bronze medal in “Visual Communication”.