Millennium bcp Foundation supports the XVTh Edition of the Junior Achievement’s Startup Program Competition in Portugal

The Start Up Program offers to university students training in entrepreneurship, providing the opportunity to live and experience the management of their own company, giving them a perspective on how their skills can be used in the development of a business. With the support and monitoring of volunteers from companies, students have a real experience of the business world: developing a concept, an investment proposal, and a business plan.

In this National Competition participated 20 teams and more than 100 students. PawPet team, from the University of Minho, in the district of Braga, was selected as the big winner and was qualified to represent Portugal at the Gen-E Festival. This team developed a solidarity webapp that unites pet lovers in a technologically innovative platform that aggregates products and services, with activities and exclusive initiatives for those who love animals. The main objective of this project is to promote and support the animal cause, creating a community that shares the love for animals.