Millennium bcp Foundation supports the restoration of a Portuguese Royal Family’s Carriage, in exhibition at the Museu Nacional dos Coches

On March 12, 2022, a Carriage that once belonged to the Portuguese Royal Family returned to the exhibition hall of the Museu Nacional dos Coches, after a conservation and restoration action, sponsored by the Millennium bcp Foundation. Several Technicians and Conservators-Restorers from different areas of expertise carried out the intervention which began in June 2020 and ended in October 2021.

The Board of Directors from Museu Nacional dos Coches invited the President of Millennium BCP Foundation, Ambassador António Monteiro, the Deputy Director of DGPC, Dr. Rita Jerónimo da Silva and the Conservators-Restorers responsible for the intervention to a ceremony to present the vehicle.

This text was based on information available on the web page:, on 03-16-2022.

Manufactured between 1780 and 1790 this “cabriolet” type carriage […] was used by the Portuguese Royal Family (D. Maria I’s reign), on tours of the royal domains of Mafra and Queluz. […] According to Monsignor Pereira Bôto (1909), this four-wheel carriage was the favorite of the Royal Family’s Master of the Horse, the Marquis and Count of Vila Flor, D. António José de Sousa Manuel de Menezes Severim de Noronha, to tours at his farm in Sobralinho, near Alhandra.”

In Inventory Sheet, consulted on 16-03-2022.