Paintings by Manuel Amado, belonging to the Millennium bcp Collection and to other private collections.

Manuel Amado (1938-2019) was a prolific painter, working consistently for decades. Being an architect, he simultaneously kept his activity as a painter, becoming a full-time occupation from the second half of the 1980s. His works often constitute thematic series, in which the human figure is absent or appears secondary to spaces representations. Manuel Amado’s works combine a contemplative appeal and a latent disturbance, as scenarios for an unknown action or for lost memories, in which light plays a fundamental scenic role.

«Painting without an alibi» is an expression  from Vítor Silva Tavares wrote in the text he dedicated to the painter in 1984, in which he highlighted «the laborious craft» and the stripped and silent quality of his paintings, which motivated him a deep fascination.

This exhibition, curated by Mariana Pinto dos Santos, focuses on the works from the Millennium bcp Collection, which constitute a very representative nucleus of Manuel Amado’s work over the years. Together with selected works of this collection, some from other private collections are shown.