APHA / Millennium bcp Award

The Portuguese Association of Art Historians (APHA in the portuguese achronym) and the Millennium bcp Foundation created the “APHA / Millennium bcp Award – José Augusto França”.  This award distinguish annually the best master’s dissertation and the best doctoral dissertation in Art History presented in a Portuguese University, sponsoring the publication of these scientific works.

At the same time, this initiative will honor José-Augusto França, Jubilated Full Professor of the New University of Lisbon, historian and art critic , and one of those who contributed most to the renewal and affirmation of the disciplinary field of Art History in our country and abroad.

The terms of this joint collaboration, between APHA and the Millennium bcp Foundation, were concluded through a partnership agreement signed on November 26, 2019.

The prize award rules and the application calendar are available at: www.apha.pt.